How I Became a Cruise Ship Hustler

By | February 15, 2018

It may not be the perfect occupation after a successful career at, but it seems to suit me. When I left the escort agency in Charlton, I retrained to be a beautician, and got a job on a cruise ship. It was okay, but I did not make enough money, and at the end of my first six months at sea, I had not made as much money as I had expected from working in the beauty spa. However, I had done pretty well getting single travellers to buy me stuff, so I decided to weigh up my options.

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I loved the idea of cruising, and travelling around the world had been very exciting. But at the same time, I did have to work really long hours for very little money in the beauty spa. When I added up my earnings from my first cruise, it was clear that I made more money from the gifts that my gentlemen had bought me. I fancied cruising again, but I was not going to slave away in the spa and not get paid very much for it.

It did not take me very long to figure out that I could make a lot of money from hustling for gifts and jewellery. I would not say that it was the sort of thing I had down at Charlton escorts, but then again, I had received some nice gifts from the gentlemen I used to date at Charlton escorts. When I left the escort agency, I was surprised how much all of the gifts were worth, and I even thought about becoming a bit of a gold digger.

Now, just like Charlton escorts, you can find plenty of single and lonely men on cruises. This is what I had taken advantage of on my first cruise, and I soon got them into the habit of buying me things. Jewellery is the best thing that you can have bought for you, and once you get off the ship you simply sell it on. It is a matter of making a profit, and I was pretty certain that I could do that once I got going.

So, after touching base with the girls at Charlton escorts, I booked myself a cruise and went on the hustle. It was a one week luxury cruise, and sure enough I met a single gentleman who seemed to enjoy my company. He did not spoil me too much, but he did spoil me a little bit and I ended up making back the price of my cabin, and a little bit more for myself. It was not a great profit, and I realised that I may have to take my chance on longer cruises. Which is exactly what I did on my next cruise, and then I came back to London, I did appreciate that I had made a healthy profit. I took a couple of months off and looked around for another cruise. After all, I did not want to risk bumping into the same gentlemen I had met on my cruise.

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