Ways To Increase Desire And Sexual Energy

By | May 21, 2015

Passionate and erotic sex can ease the pressure of daily life besides being a powerful way for couples to engage with each other to achieve intimate power and deep satisfying connection. Sex is not all about physical act but it also a highly emotional interaction that is able to keep love alive and adult relationships healthy and happy. Below are ways you can enhance desire, increase sexual energy and intensify passion.
Start foreplay hours before. This can be in the form of naughty text messages, seductive phone calls or flirting and teasing during the day. All this will lead to wild and passionate sex when you meet up with your partner.

While kissing, you need to focus on it. Forget about touching or even thinking about other body parts until things become so heated that it is hard to keep control. Touch sensitive nerves. The inner thighs have one of the most explosive nerves in the body. Add some pressure to it by touching, kissing and tracing it to tease and then move upwards.

You can also increase sexual desire by creating a luxurious feel to the bedroom. Invest in high quality sheets that feel smooth and sensual. Make sure there are a lot of pillows as they can be good props and support for the body during sex. Have scented candles to create a passionate and seductive setting.

Dress and undress in a sexy manner. Choose sexy underwear that is going to feel and look great as well as add some naughtiness to making love. You can even decide to dress up in a role play outfit and head into the fantasy world. Passionately remove your clothes as you look at the other person. Let them know how much you desire them with your eyes.

Use a blindfold. When we lose one sense, the others heighten to compensate. By being blindfolded, other senses such as smell and touch will be elevated. Smell is one of the greatest aphrodisiac therefore the need to be clean and fresh.

Try something new; keep sex exciting by coming up with new ideas in the bedroom. You can choose to use props like handcuffs and a vibrator. It does not matter how drastic or subtle the change it, even doing small things will spice things up. Visit at http://cityofeve.com/ for more fun.

Talk dirty; whisper to each other as you are making love to increase the connection and desire.

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